Sunday, December 21, 2014

How is it Sunday night already?  What a whirlwind couple of days.  Maybe it just feels so busy because I've been very tired all weekend and easily sleeping in until the alarm went off at 9am (keep in mind I've been popping eyes open at 7am for quite some time now).  Friday evening I did stop at the viewing and Saturday morning was the funeral service.  I was happy to see the long lines waiting to pay their respects, it seems only right that so many would turn out.  It was also a lovely service in which the eldest daughter sang.  I can't imagine having the strength to hold you voice in that scenario.

I did a little running about after the service and then headed to the house to get on top of bottling my limoncello (a few days early) and baking cookies for my favorite Egg.  He says his favorites are peanut butter and chocolate chip, and so it is.  Two batches of peanut butter cookies complete on Saturday and two batches of chocolate chip today.

Before I got on the chocolate chip today I met up with Beff and Slips for our holiday celebration in Ebensburg where we tried the Everyday Gourmet.  The sugar plum pancake I had to try was fantastic, but the monte cristo was so so.  My honey maked a way better monte cristo.  My stomach is in a bit of a knot tonight and I'm thinking it was from a few too many warm chocolate chip cookies and hopefully not my earlier lunch.

The cookies were finished just in time to spend some quality time with the Laws for our holiday get together.  The good news is I've tricked them into a second holiday get together with the promise of meeting my honey.  That's a major win-win for me.  I settle in for tonight richer for not just the time I got to spend with folks I adore this weekend, but also with a good new book, awesome new tunes, and a game I very much so look forward to playing.

With everything on the slate for this week (the top of which is time off of work) there is just more good stuff forthcoming.

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