Thursday, September 04, 2014

Mortgage company slow head shake for September: I sent a chunk of money last Friday, less than a full monthly payment's worth. As expected the money goes into 'suspense' meaning we'll hold your money but we won't count it to your account (f you). Knowing this I also send an email through their contact system saying "Payment submitted on xx/xx/2014 in the amount of $yyy.yy, please apply 100% to principle."

This time I got the person who doesn't comprehend percentages. So instead they took $100 and applied to principle and left the rest sitting in suspense. It's now been a day shy of a week since I made the payment and I have to call instructing them again what they're suppose to do. "ok, no problem, I'll put that request in for you." "when will this go through?" "It should be complete by close of business tomorrow." Yay for technology - it takes a WEEK for an electronic payment to be properly applied to an account. Ridiculous.

Note that I've done this many times before without an issue. I think this is just their way of punishing me for getting close to paying it off. One more of these type of payments and then final payment. Home stretch baby.

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