Saturday, September 27, 2014

I left work early yesterday to head down the mountain to attend my friend TJ's wedding.  I've known him since 8th grade, also known as forever.  It was a lovely autumn scene - he's quite the decorator.  I had the pet sitter come to tend to the girls a few times to allow myself to stay over night at Mom's.

I did finally get my run in, in Altoona.  I headed towards the track at the practice field in front of the high school so for the first time I can say I finished a mile on that track (which I never did in high school).  After that first mile I took to the sidewalks for a bit, but I struggled needing to take a couple of breaks to get the 30 minutes in.  My lungs were really giving me some trouble, but what made me stop was my calves, which were aching before I even headed out.  It's kind of sad, because I have been slacking for the past week, so they had no reason to be sore.  I guess this means I need to step it back up.  I wonder how many days of running and at what distance I should go with until the race gets here in order to be prepared.

Mom made a delightful breakfast and then we both napped close to lunch time.  I eventually headed back up the mountain today to get a photobook complete before my coupon for a free one expired.  The weather was gorgeous, so the dogs were able to enjoy some time out in the sun.  I also realized that the lemons used for limoncello are the perfect amount from which one can extract enough fresh squeezed lemon juice to make a gallon of lemonade.  So, bonus, all of the ones that were zested have been used.

I feel like I've had a full weekend at this point.  Thank goodness I get one more day.

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