Sunday, September 21, 2014

Had a lovely weekend, despite the rain on the drive home today... Saturday was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a road trip.  My favorite Egg and I enjoyed a bit of time walking to and sitting by the dam/water at Laurel Hill State Park.  The leaves are really starting to go, but I think it needs another two weeks to really light up.

From there to Glades Pike Winery for a few samples and purchases, then to Sarnelli's Market where we tried and bought a few more wines from Christian Klay winery, and finally Greendance Winery where we sampled and bought even more and then sat for a fresh slice of pie with ice cream.  Awesome.

My diet bet closed out today, which I knew I wasn't going to win for a while since the scale hadn't been moving.  I was off by 2.6 lbs.  Ah well.  Admittedly it's going to be tough to push myself out the door for my run that is due this evening, but it has to happen... I have one month left, and after that, I don't need to run again.  That's good motivation.  I mapped my 25 minute run from last week and it is supposedly 2.25 miles, so I still have a bit to build up to make the 3.1 miles.

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