Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last night wrapped up Christmas as I got to visit with the Laws.  I need not reiterate how awesome of a time it always is to sit and talk with them, or how easy it is to converse, or how delightful the homemade yummies were spread out before us.  I was blessed with some homemade goodies in my stocking as well, so bonus there!
I don't think I mentioned that my dearest mother purchased some perfume for me - which of course has a story.  Several of my scents dear mother does not like, so she bought me one she does!  I did agree that I will wear it periodically and see how it goes.  It doesn't smell bad, it just doesn't enthrall me.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to last super long either.  I'm still waiting for the multitude of compliments she proclaimed I would get and starting to gather feedback from others for mom.  I bring this up because it's kind of funny that my mom would buy me perfume from one of those lines often featured in stores (Lancome) whereas my friends instead select a lovely Dior sampler as part of my gift.  Who knows me and loves me for who I am?!  I know mom loves me and means well, don't get me wrong - I just enjoy getting a laugh out of some of the antics.
So, I've heard of project 365 before, known others that have partaken, but I may very well be glomming on to the Laws group of folks who are undertaking it in 2012.  Anyone who's completed this in the past with tips is welcome to speak up!

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