Saturday, December 24, 2011

I was feeling rather brave on my first day off for Christmas and inspiration struck when I got up... the weather isn't perfect, but it's decent, so why not a drive to Greensburg to hit Pier One, Burlington, Barnes and Noble, and the Olive Garden?!  I only bought a few little things, two out of three will be gifts, one more thing fro mom to unwrap.

The bigger thing to note today is about discrepancies.  Sometimes I don't understand the point in telling people senseless inaccuracies.  I've always railed against being lied to, it's a sign of distrust, a sign of lack of respect, and the easiest way to tell me you think I'm stupid - that never bodes well for someone.  Is that just the norm anymore?

As for me, I'll be spending a chunk of today getting notes in order for my upcoming class.  Fingers crossed that I can make good progress this weekend.

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