Saturday, October 08, 2011

I wish I didn't have a propensity towards clutter, but at least I try to fight it periodically.  So far this weekend I've dusted and tidied the living room, cleaned the bathroom, and started to tidy in the dining room.  The dining room table isn't for eating, there isn't a point when there is just one person, so it has been where everything lands.  I also decided to bag up some of the appliances that I only use infrequently and put them in the basement.  If I need the coffee pot, slow cooker, or one of the other now relocated items I can go get it then.  Yes, the coffee pot... I'm still blissfully caffeine-dependency free!  I will get back to it at some point, but it looks like the upstairs will remain the nightmare it is even longer.

Got one walk in last night and hope to get out there as the sun starts to set this evening to enjoy the nice weather on a long walk.  For now, I indulged in a movie this afternoon - "What's your number" - and made my grocery store run.  The movie was actually pretty entertaining, better than I had expected.  Maybe it was the many mostly naked scenes of Chris Evans, a pleasant surprise since I didn't realize he was in it before going.

Speaking of actors, so the TV is on right now and "Waiting" is on.  I just realized who the bitchy, ugly customer reminds me of... congrats to my ex for scoring _that_ doppelganger.

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