Saturday, October 01, 2011

Curses!  I hit the grocery store today, snagging a bag of salad and more dried cranberries, but I neglected to pick up another bag of pecans.  I do have a little left here, so my lunch was my first salad in penance for last night's intake.

I also focused on bagging up pants, pants that are too big for me now! YAY!  If they came off w/o unbuttoning, into the bag they went.  That's a little over 20 pairs, bagged up and going away for a year.  If I don't put the weight back on and require them in a year, off to Goodwill they will go.  I need to go through sweaters and separate out those that are too baggy and those that shrunk or ended up 'off' from washing to store and dispose of too, but I'll do that another day.

I'm just happy to be spending most of my day at home with my girls... don't expect me to accomplish too much.  It's raining still, I'll eventually venture out for today's walk in said rain, eventually.

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