Wednesday, January 21, 2009

While I didn't expect this evening to be much more than a moody food-fest, I did surprise myself and not only finished up this class module's reading but also started my written assignment for this module. Alas, yes, there was food too.

I've often wondered when I passed Savannah's Southern Takeout on Scalp what the deal was... as I never heard anyone speak of it. Today shortly after the lunch hour I found myself turning my nose to the air much like one of my girls would to the scent of bbq wafting through the halls. Dang did it smell good and make me wish Clem's was closer. Well the thought stuck all afternoon and into the evening, so when I heard this is where the food had come from that I was smelling I decided to give it a go. My vote: pass on the chicken, it's fried as opposed to the fall off the bone delish that is Clem's chicken. The ribs however were quite tasty and the bbq sauce was excellent. I didn't get to try the mac and cheese as they were out, so I went with the candied yams. They were okay, nothing I couldn't toss together easily (and cheaper).

Oh, but that's not all folks. I know I reported quite a while back about cinnamon buns from the Great Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Company down in Altoona. Well I didn't forget about them - after my cravings for a bitchin cinnamon bun last week re-emerged I decided to order more the other day. Tonight I dug into a cherry blossom cinmamon roll and loved every bite of it.

Now I sleep - with a full tummy, a mind thinking through class related materials, and two of the three dogs already hogging up my bed!

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