Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A bit late, but a rerun I missed first go round - even Steven Colbert is a Canes fan. Sure he joked about a ball and the frozen water stuff and the Stinley cup but go Canes none the less.

Good progress this evening. The paper is long enough it just needs smoothed and re-read for cleanup. I decided I needed the appropriate fuel to get here, and it worked. Beff and I headed to the Boulevard to take advantage of the two can dine deal. I had a yummy steak, a bite of shrimp (at least I can say I tried it again), a baked tatter, a salad (I love their salads), a slice of NY cheesecake, and a half and half for $15. Can you beat that? The winters here may suck, but Johnstown has it going on in terms of good deals. Racheal Ray - where are you? You can hit this town on $30 a day.

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